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Donna Giannuzzi

Donna Giannuzzi RN, MBA, CNAA, BC

Chief Patient Care Officer, LMHS

Chief Administrative Officer, HP

The Lee Memorial Health System engaged Delta Healthcare Consulting Group to assist them in “right staffing” 56 acute care nursing units in six of LMHS’ hospitals.  All combinations of specialties were included in the project from Labor and  Delivery, NICU, Emergency Departments, Pediatrics to Intensive and Critical Care units and medical/surgical units.  In addition, the system-wide resource pool was reviewed from top to bottom to determine the right size and composition of the resource pool serving 1600 licensed beds.  The client will be able to realize an 8:1 return on investment once all recommendations are incorporated.  This project was accomplished in a remarkable four month period.  Accoring to Kristie Huff, R, MSN, System Director of Resources and Staffing, the results of this project were widely accepted by both Finance and Nursing.