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Staffing Optimization

With Delta Healthcare Consulting Group (“DHCG”), Staffing Optimization incorporates the principles of having the right staff, in the right places, at the right times. In other words, having the correct number of staff, with the appropriate skills, where the patients are; and accounting for fluctuating demand.

DHCG has developed methodologies for virtually all departments within the hospital which help provide solutions/answers to all staffing issues; who should be doing the task, when it should be done, and how to cost effectively serve the patient and balance the workload to maximize staffing satisfaction simultaneously.   We even have a methodology to right size the resource pool.

Triple Play Staffing

DHCG maintains one of the most unique and time tested methodologies for determining accurate staffing requirements, the results of which are acceptable to all levels of the organization, from staff to executive.

Our proprietary Staffing Optimization System™ (SOS) incorporates up to three distinct methods for garnering results. Using Delta’s SOS approach, staffing requirements based upon empirical evidence can be generated in days.

Staffing Optimization System™

Method 1 – Census Adjusted Staffing Guides

Unique to DHCG, these staffing guides are based upon safe staffing ratios at all skill levels and on all shifts.  For hourly departments, such as the Emergency Department, hourly staffing patterns are developed.  During this process fixed and constant training and education activities are also captured.

Method 2 – Work Sampling

Developed by DHCG, Work Sampling consists of on-site observations of each unit for 16 plus hours, allowing the trained observer to determine what variations may exist from the national benchmarks and to determine what processes may require improvement.  DHCG has developed a database of process improvements specifically for Nursing.

Method 3 – National Benchmarks

These benchmarks are nationally accepted standards per nursing specialty.