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Classification Methods

Delta Healthcare Consulting Group offers many different methods to classify or rank a patient population.  The general concept of classification is to use a set of criteria to identify unique patient groups within a patient population.  What makes a group alike is if the patients within that group have similar dependency or workload requirements.  The classification process has been enhanced through automation by our IntelliChart – Patient Classification System.

Key Requirements

As we have developed classification systems we have followed a set of requirements that allow the process to be adapted to any hospital setting whether pediatric or adult, tertiary or specialty, community or teaching.  The following are the three major requirements:

  • The criteria must be discriminating.  The criteria cannot apply to all patients or it no longer distinguishes one patient from another.
  • The criteria must be objective and not subject to individual interpretation.  This factor greatly increases inter-rater reliability (consistency between users).
  • The criteria must be documented.  An audit of the chart must be able to substantiate the selected criteria.

Nursing Specialties

Delta HCG has developed methodologies for all nursing specialties including:

  • Acute Care (Adult and Pediatric)
  • Critical Care (Adult and Pediatric, including Neo-natal)
  • Labor & Delivery
  • Women’s Services
  • Specialty units (Oncology, Cardiology, Rehab, Psychiatric, etc.)
  • Skilled Nursing/Long-Term Care
  • Outpatient Nursing
    • Diagnostic Imaging
    • O.R., Same Day Surgery, PACU
    • Cath Lab
    • Emergency Services
    • Outpatient Clinics (All Specialties)

The classification process should be combined with development of a staffing plan to ensure appropriate staffing levels on a shift to shift and day to day basis.