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Patient Classification & Acuity

For over 20 years, Delta Healthcare Consulting Group has been providing patient acuity consulting services to the healthcare industry.  Our services are designed to help hospitals decide which acuity model best fits their nursing philosophy.  In conjunction with our classification design and implementation services, our IntelliChart Patient Classification/Acuity System can be used as a measurement system to help identiify ongoing staffing needs.

Our Safe Staffing Approach using evidence-based solutions

In our experience designing acuity models, we have addressed ways to deal with issues like shift to shift changes in patient care needs, admission-discharge-transfer volumes, as well as factors like ancillary support and technology and equipment considerations.  Our acuity models and staffing plans also meet guidelines set for by the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE).

Our approach has been to develop an acuity model that matches the changing care needs of the patients to the appropriate level of staffing.  We have not relied on census as the only driver of staffing levels.  In developing a patient acuity system there are two key parts of the process:

  1. Determining what critieria can be used to distinguish one patient from another
  2. What amount of nursing care is required to appropriately manage the care for each patient

Client Experiences

Client experience after implementation of our system has been a decrease in staff turnover and overtime and an increase in nursing satisfaction.  Also, with use of our system, hospitals have been able to reduce their budget variances.

Our services are not only some of the more affordable in the industry but also some of the most hands-on.