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Patient Management Software

The IntelliChart Classification/Acuity System, provides hospitals with the ability to determine the appropriate level of staffing on each unit of the hospital on a shift to shift basis. IntelliChart becomes the vehicle to ensure the hospital is compliant with hospital mandated staffing plans and acuity measurement.  When combined with our consulting services, IntelliChart assists hospitals in meeting AONE guidelines for patient acuity and staffing plan development.  It also meets standards set by legislation in Illinois and California.  IntelliChart is a comprehensive patient classification system that allows for:

  • More equitable staff assignments through the nurse assignment module
  • Calculation of workload associated with admission/discharge/transfer activities
  • Patient classification on an actual and/or forecasting basis
  • Flexible unit or institutional-based reporting
  • Automatic transfer of staffing data to central staffing office
  • Demographic repository for all patient classification information
  • Real-time patient inventorying/logging
  • Flexibility to handle most classification/acuity methods (see classification system design services)
  •  IntelliChart has provided hospitals and medical centers the following benefits:

  • Compliance with regulatory guidelines and staffing legislation
  • Reduction in overtime hours
  • Reduction in agency hours
  • Decrease in budget variances
  • Ability to communicate nursing judgement to financial leadership