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Schedule Optimization

Key to having the right staff in the right place at the right time is developing scheduling algorithms for patients that enable staff to be maximally utilized.  Developing these algorithms requires careful review of the processes involved in the procedure being scheduled.

Hourly Staffing Patterns are necessary in departments with high turnover of patients such as Emergency Departments, PACUs and the like.  DHCG consultants can develop hourly staffing patterns to minimize time spent in the department by the patients.

  • Professional and Support Staff are essential in supporting the turnaround time of patients.   These staffing factors must also be included in evaluating effective staffing patterns.

Optimal Use of Staffing Resource Pool is necessary to keep labor costs down.  Many hospitals are subject to seasonality and other cyclical issues.  Resource pools, if staffed properly can support effectively the use of base staffing.  Many times hospitals only consider PTO time in determining staffing resources pools.  There are other considerations which need to be incorporated to effective build a flexible resource pool.

Patient Scheduling has become a more centralized activity in hospitals, requiring scheduling staff to be familiar with all the nuances of each department. DHCG consultants can assist in developing all considerations for central scheduling systems.