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IntelliChart – Patient Flow Management System

In the highly competitive market of healthcare, there is a constant struggle to provide high quality care in a cost efficient way.  Hospital executives must balance the delivery of quality care with limited resources.  The IntelliChart Patient Flow Management System provides hospitals with the ability to maximize resource utilization and reduce delays, while decreasing cost.

Defining the Need:

Current technologies are limited in their ability to close the gap between process efficiency and quality patient outcomes.

  • Disparate systems not designed to manage patient flow
  • Technology not ‘Bringing it All Together’
  • Technology not assisting in changing culture
  • Technology not able to support sustainable process change
  • Key Patient Flow information not ‘At the fingertips’ of Staff and Management’
  • Process Tracking and reporting not available to monitor hospital performance

Filling in the Gap:

IntelliChart’s features are designed to bring current technology and process together in a way that gives hospitals the ability to act quickly at the time the decision making can have the greatest impact.

  • Umbrella concept that brings disparate systems together
  • CAD View reveals inefficient process and practice, impacting culture change
  • Configurability of system facilitates best practice
  • Actionable items displayed for real-time decision making
  • User to executive level dashboard and reporting

Setting the Course:

  • Key stakeholders involved
  • Inputs reviewed to include key data while excluding non-essential data
  • Outputs determined that are used in key decision making
  • User interface designed to facilitate ease of use and user adoption

Bringing it All Together:

IntelliChart includes modules and views for all areas that have an impact on patient flow.  By using existing technologies, IntelliChart minimizes user input while allowing for the ability to manage, communicate, and monitor the patient flow process from admission to discharge.  IntelliChart provides multi-level dashboarding.  Key actionable items are displayed in an easy to view format that allows end users and executives to quickly determine individual process as well as overall hospital performance.