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Process Improvement

Delta has provided management engineering consulting and process improvement support to hospitals for over 20 years.  The role of management engineer and process improvement specialist in the hospital setting is more essential now than at any time in modern healthcare history. When combined with our IntelliChart – Patient Flow Management Software our process improvement services can not only implement but sustain measureable change.

There are a number of key hospital processes that if not operating efficiently, can have adverse impact on hospital operational performance and patient outcomes and satisfaction.  Our consultants have experience in leading process improvement efforts in each of these areas.  These include:

  • Admission (reducing hold time in the emergency department)
  • Bed Turnover
  • Emergency Department Patient Flow
  • Patient Discharge
  • Ancillary and Outpatient Services Patient Flow -
  • Imaging
  • Cath Lab
  • O.R., Same Day Surgery, PACU
  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Over the years our services continue to yield hospitals millions of dollars in cost savings, cost avoidance, and revenue enhancements.