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Hospitalist Optimization

Delta is one of the few consulting firms in the country to have assessed the staffing requirements for hospitalists.  The Hospitalist specialty is one of the fastest growing components of medicine in the United States.  Delta has networked with a cadre of Hospitalists and professionals in Case Management to be able to provide a comprehensive review of how hospitalists and nurses (Utilization Review and Unit staff) can provide safe, efficient, and coordinated continuity of care to patients.

Using benchmarks developed through studies of this nature, Delta can identify by day of week throughout the year what the appropriate number of hospitalists should be.  These benchmarks vary based upon the level of involvement of residents and interns in teaching environments.

Dashboarding criteria have been developed to measure the on-going compliance of hospitalist care with certain performance indicators such as:  patient satisfaction, avoidable days, LOS, and the like.

Coordination of Care

Inter-disciplinary Function

Optimal Scheduling

Once again having the right staff in the right place at the right time is critical to the effective and efficient use of Hospitalist staffing.