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Accountable Care Orgs

Delta consultants were among the first to design and build cost accounting systems for hospitals in the early 80’s.

Accountable Healthcare Organizations (“ACO“) will require this level of expertise as they begin designing and building their data bases for compliance with ACO regulations. The cost to quality relationship is essential to obtaining maximum benefit for the ACO.   In the largest area of the hospital, the Department of Nursing needs to have acuity (patient classification systems) to differentiate patients (a patient is not a patient; there is no such thing as the “average patient”).

DELTA began categorizing patients into different levels 30 years ago, including differentiating care by skill level among varying class levels. We possess over three hundred different time standards for measuring care.   Treatment profiles, including these time standards and volume frequencies, exist for multiple classification levels for most nursing specialties.

Similar treatment profiles are also available for all other clinical departments.