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Consulting Services

It happens in every business and no industry is exempt, from the plague of vacuum thinking.  In short, team members at all levels of the organization chart develop bias and nearsightedness about productivity, process, accountability, responsibility, and many other aspects of the business.  Hospitals and healthcare providers are no exception.

Observation from an outside professional resource can be just the thing to expose a team to the organizational realities as they actually are.  The Delta Healthcare Consulting team has spent tens of thousands of hours in hundreds of hospitals analyzing and implementing staffing, scheduling, processes, layout and design, technology, change management, and more.  This expertise is unique and you’ll see the Delta difference translate into a better work environment, improved patient care, and significant gains to the financial bottom-line.

Delta Services

Staffing Optimization - our Data Driven Staffing process includes a three tiered approach to best solve your staffing needs.

Patient Management Software – our Intellichart software provides integrated patient classification and acuity design.

Process Improvement – armed with decades of observation and consultation, we can help engineer your ideal processes.

Hospitalist Optimization – we are one of the select consultants versed in how hospitalists improve the service hospitals provide their patients.

Cost Accounting -

Schedule Optimization – from basic charting to complex algorithmic, our scheduling consultation is diverse and robust.

Case Management – our team brings clarity, direction, and efficiency to crucial component of hospital services.