Staffing Plan Development Services

Staffing plan development is a key component to implementing a patient classification system.  Proper development of a staffing plan requires accounting for many factors.  Nursing organizations like AONE and accreditation organizations like JACHO have set forth standards and guidelines to establish staffing plans and determine 'staffing effectiveness'.

Staffing Guidelines

Our approach to developing staffing plans accounts for AONE and JACHO guidelines as well as guidelines set forth by laws passed in states such as California and Illinois.  Our methodologies incorporate the factors necessary to account for:

  • Facility layout and design
  • Ancillary department support
  • Turnover of patients (admissions, discharges, transfers)
  • Education and training of nursing
  • Information systems support
  • Dependency level of the patient

Staffing Plan Development

To accommodate hospital preference, budget, and timeline we have developed a variety of methods to determine the hours-per-patient-day figures by unit.  These methodologies include:

  • Use budgeted Hours Per Patient Day to serve as a basis for dependency-based hours
  • Evaluate staffing at all census levels to determine skill level to patient ratios (Department Operations  Assessment)
  • Work sample all units to develop observed HPPD
  • Collect detailed data using DHCG’s unique 350 plus time standards to capture all documented and undocumented activities
  • Compare with our database of patient treatment profiles by specialty