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At Delta , we believe a progressive, change-driven philosophy is needed to succeed in the dynamic healthcare industry.  Whether you need a patient classification system to better understand your patient population, or if you simply have a process that needs to be fine tuned, our fresh look and ‘think outside the box’ approach will help accomplish your goals.

While patients may have the same diagnosis, we know the care they require varies.  Our patient classification process takes into account all the care that is directly related to the patient as well as the calls, conversations, and other tasks that are done on behalf of the patient.  This ensures that patients receive quality care and at the same time nurses are not overworked.

In our process improvement studies we understand every institution, unit, and clinic is unique and we approach every situation with our only bias being to achieving positive results.  We look at all aspects of an operation from staffing, patient flow and department management and challenge the phrase ‘This is how it has always been done.’

We invite you to consider how your staff, patients and bottom line can benefit by better understanding your patient population and by improving existing processes.